Zoho CEO’s Close Encounter With 12-Foot King Cobra In Tamil Nadu Village

Zoho CEO’s Close Encounter With 12-Foot King Cobra In Tamil Nadu Village

Zoho CEO’s Close Encounter With 12-Foot King Cobra In Tamil Nadu Village

Zoho CEO’s Close Encounter With 12-Foot King Cobra In Tamil Nadu Village

Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu shared pics of the massive king cobra on Twitter.

Encountering a snake generally is a terrifying expertise for anybody, and the mere point out of a king cobra could make chills run down the backbone. But do not everyone knows how a lot Twitter is fascinated by such reptile encounters? That’s precisely why a submit by enterprise magnate Sridhar Vembu goes viral. He tweeted two photos of — maintain your breath — a 12-foot king cobra that visited him just lately. In one of many photographs, we will see Mr Vembu, the CEO and founding father of Zoho Corporation, and a bunch of forest rangers holding the snake.

He captioned it, “A rare 12 feet long King Cobra paid us a visit”. He added, “Our awesome local forest rangers arrived and caught it for release in the nearby hills. Here is the brave me attempting to touch it. A very auspicious day!”

Late in 2019, earlier than the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Vembu had moved to Mathalamparai, a village close to Tenkasi within the picturesque Western Ghats in southern Tamil Nadu.

The submit acquired over 3.4k likes inside just a few hours of being posted — no surprises there!

Many customers have been surprised by photos of the massive, magnificent snake. Some agreed with Mr Vembu about it being auspicious. One person wrote, “Super. Didn’t know Pothigai hills also had King cobras.”

One individual criticised the snake-spotting celebration in a now-deleted tweet, to which Mr Vembu responded by saying that the presence of snakes signifies a wholesome ecosystem. “If we make the whole ecosystem sterile, it won’t be just the snakes that we will lose,” he warned.

Some customers have been surprised by the scale of the snake. A person commented, “That looks really big and scary.”

Another person stated that the snake might give anybody a “panic attack”. “If I was the one to have spotted such a large but magnificent creature, I’d have a major panic attack,” the remark learn.

A person named Arun Kumar tweeted that the folks weren’t cautious sufficient whereas dealing with the cobra: “Unprofessional way of handling the snake. There was no reason to hold the snake like that for photo ops. Their vertebrae are delicate and can easily get damaged.”

Then there have been a sequence of humorous feedback the place customers took the photographs in a lighter vein. One of them, Deepak Sugandhi, wrote, “This occasion should be celebrated by launching a new app/service “Zoho Cobra”. Now we have to figure out what that app will be for”.

Some users were reminded of the programming language Python. A user named SMR Prasad wrote, “Maybe if Zoho designs a brand new programming language for ML & AI can identify it King Cobra 12.0!”

Auspicious or not, the king cobra’s visit has definitely got Twitter abuzz.

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