Kotlin: Android App Development

Kotlin: Android App Development

Kotlin: Android App Development

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is the most recently created Java-inspired language, but it is an improved version with many additional features. It is clean, extremely simple, and carries a little bit of legality and rules compared to Java and other programming languages. In order to use this language to configure Android applications, developers still need to understand the basic concepts and structures of the application.

Since its inception, Java has dominated the Android app development market. Recently, another modern programming language has become very popular among Android developers around the world. Kotlin’s level rises sharply at the time experts expect, this could be one of the top 20 programmings ever! This article will give you a brief overview of Kotlin and why this language is receiving so much attention from developers.


This is an open source language and is based on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Kotlin is the brainchild of well-known Russian programmers working on JetBrains. This new language is now part of the latest version of Android Studio 3.0.

For more than 20 years, Java has dominated the market and apparently, the undisputed features and functionality it offers are of ace quality. Other than that, managing the market tirelessly is not possible in the long run. Still, it may sound strange but you can’t ignore the “aging” aspect of Java. Here comes Kotlin in the picture. A new, modern, advanced Android language that offers an amazing set of benefits. Continue reading the list of benefits you can get if you choose Kotlin.

What are the Benefits of Kotlin?

  • Its Application Delivery is quick to integrate, is lightweight, and prevents applications from growing in size.
  • Any chunk of code written in Kotlin is very small compared to Java, as it has less action and less code means fewer bugs.
  • It integrates code into bytecode which can be generated in JVM. Therefore, all libraries and frameworks have been developed in Java transfer and are working on the Kotlin project.
  • The script helps to set up projects in Android Studio with automated finishing services, and it helps to reduce downtime.
  • Safe at NullPointerException (The Billion Dollar Mistake).
  • It includes coroutines, as well as collaborations with Javascript for web development.

What are the challenges of the Kotlin language?

  • Kotlin is less popular, so the engineering community is relatively small compared to other well-established languages ​​such as Java.
  • Kotlin compares weak patterns, and reading the first code becomes difficult to read and understand at first.
  • It has a small community of support as Kotlin is smaller than Java. In addition, it has several libraries, blog posts, and courses.
  • Kotlin has a steep learning curve, and switching to Kotlin groups for a short language agreement can be a real challenge.
  • Very few Kotlin engineers are available on the market. Therefore, finding an experienced developer is little difficult.

What are Kotlin’s Applications?

  • Pinterest
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Twidere for Twitter
  • Shadowsocks


Can you imagine the situation, when in the same project, there are two different programming languages? Yes, with Kotlin, this is possible. While using this language, you do not need to switch to a different project or there is no need to change the existing code. You can work hard using the features it offers and make the app development process easier.

Making a small code

Let’s think of something simple! Why not write 100 lines of code where you can do this job by writing only a few lines of code? Yes, the number of codes you need to write in Java for a particular job, you can do by typing in less than 20% of the code in Kotlin. Well, no wonder why Android engineers around the world are so crazy about it!
Undoubtedly, this ‘small code’ feature not only reduces boilerplate encoding but also improves coding.

Simple Learning Curve

One of the most interesting facts about the language is the easy way to learn. Unlike the Android O version, you can easily identify it by going through the language index. It has a soft and accurate syntax that is gentle for Java professionals. If you already have the skills in Java, learning Kotlin is nothing for you!

Safe and Secure

Working with Kotlin is a bit safer for developers. Wondering why? With its help, you can prevent serious errors like NullPointExceptions. Its compiler simply makes mistakes. Sometimes, an engineer may ignore a small mistake but all because of a Kotlin compiler who refuses to do so.

Zero Acquisition Costs

The word ‘free’ or ‘zero cost’ easily captures people’s attention! Kotlin will not disappoint users in this case. How so? Yes, this is an open-source language. Therefore, you do not need to spend a single penny to get it. Just get a conversion tool that can convert all existing Java files into Kotlin and that’s it! You’re ready to start with this high-sounding language.
Although Kotlin is gaining popularity in the market in a descriptive way, for beginners in the field of Android app development, it is always advisable to start the process of learning about Java.

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