Jacob deGrom tossing over 100 MPH in his rehab start

Jacob deGrom tossing over 100 MPH in his rehab start

Jacob deGrom tossing over 100 MPH in his rehab start

New York Mets star Jacob deGrom is making a rehab start on Thursday night and he’s throwing more than 100 MPH to the poor youngsters facing him. 

With the New York Mets placing Jacob deGrom on the 10-day Injured List, fans were fearful something was seriously wrong with the star pitcher. Well, the opposite is the case, with deGrom getting ready to return to Flushing.

In his rehab start for the St. Lucie Mets, a low-A affiliate, deGrom is pitching lights out on Thursday. This includes recording some fastballs that are north of 100 mph. Goodness.

Jacob deGrom is throwing some serious heat for the St. Lucie Mets on Thursday

With St. Lucie taking on the Palm Beach Cardinals, they probably knew that facing deGrom was going to be a challenge. Remember, for low-A clubs, the roster is made up of plenty of guys who are still teenagers. Imagine going up against deGrom, unquestionably one of the best pitchers in all of baseball?

Well, the Cardinals tried to do everything possible to try and have some success against him. But when he’s throwing 101 and 102 mph, it’s almost impossible.

At least the club is able to have some fun on social media about things. With deGrom pitching like this, it lets you know he’s ready to get back to Citi Field and sit down major league batters as soon as possible. Fortunately for New York, deGrom is only making this one rehab start and then he’ll be ready to get back to Queens.

While his right side tightness was concerning, he’s still an absolute stud. The NL East better get ready, because the king is coming back to destroy some dreams soon. Mets fans can’t wait to have deGrom back in action.

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