10 Gnarliest Horror Movie Decapitations

10 Gnarliest Horror Movie Decapitations

The horror film style affords many grisly delights, however none is as pure and satisfying because the decapitation. We rank the gnarliest actions from probably the most depraved of flicks.

10 Gnarliest Horror Movie Decapitations


By Brad Gullickson · Published on October 14th, 2021

October is outlined in Webster’s Dictionary as “31 days of horror.” Don’t trouble wanting it up; it’s true. Most folks take that to imply highlighting one horror film a day, however right here at FSR, we’ve taken that up a spooky notch or 9 by celebrating every day with a prime ten listing. This article about the perfect horror film decapitations is a part of our ongoing sequence 31 Days of Horror Lists.

When it involves horror film punctuation, decapitations are exclamation factors. There’s no getting back from them! [Editor’s note: Re-Animator‘s Dr. Carl Hill would disagree…]  Audiences can’t assist however reply to such visible screams with an echoing shriek. “Oh, damn. Michael Myers ain’t playing in this sequel.” However, when discussing separating heads from shoulders, the franchise slashers are grammatically inferior. They’ve bought robust strokes, however their scrawls are rooster scratch in comparison with the deadly literati discovered on this bloody battlefield under.

The style is plagued by lobbed melons, and deciding on the perfect required cautious examination of horror cinema’s gnarliest efforts. We’ve bought severed heads carrying shock, fleeing craniums expressing terror, and leaping skulls cheering glee. Many varieties of faces go away their our bodies, overlaying each tone inside this superbly wretched area.

These popped tops had been voted on by Chris Coffel, Rob Hunter, Mary Beth McAndrews, Meg ShieldsAnna SwansonJacob Trussell, and myself. Now, go seize a bowl of popcorn and drop it in your lap. But maintain an eye fixed out for tall strangers standing at your six, since you don’t need your topping to intervene along with your film snack’s fastidiously measured seasoning. Let’s maintain your huge mind hooked up to your nervous system as you take pleasure in our take a look at the perfect horror film decapitations.

10. High Tension (2003)

High Tension Decapitation

Regardless of what you consider High Tension and its many twists and turns, there’s no denying the affect of its violence. Director Alexandre Aja paints each inch of his body in gore, giving his killer a wide range of weapons to slice and cube victims in more and more merciless and grotesque methods. 

Aja doesn’t waste any time giving the viewers what they need both; this squirm-inducing decapitation is the primary dying within the film! If one thing this brutal is just the start, no marvel it’s known as the New French Extremity. Aja takes us to the very extremes within the opening moments of his debut movie, so we’re left to marvel simply how a lot additional he’ll drag us into the darkness as we barrel in the direction of the divisive finale. (Jacob Trussell)

9. Dead Alive (1992)

Dead Alive Decapitation

Dead Alive is a cornucopia of homicide. Celebrating a selected decapitation amongst so many bodily atrocities is difficult. Can one second actually prime the lawnmower melee? But, possibly, the higher strategy to go, or not less than, the extra truthful possibility, is to contemplate this skull decimation towards all different skull decimations. Yo, that’s how this listing works, and that’s why Dead Alive hits the ninth spot.

Baby Selwyn rising from inside poor Rita’s face, tearing it aside and straight off her shoulders, is an unforgettable picture when spliced subsequent to different horror flicks hoping to attain such profound gore. As it’s inside Peter Jackson’s monster mash, it’s merely only one horrendous minute amongst the opposite 103 horrendous minutes. Dead Alive is an endurance check, begging its viewers to run screaming for the hills, however the film rewards with an infinite playlist of incomparable carnage for many who keep. (Brad Gullickson)

8. Day of the Dead (1985)

Day Of The Dead

Most decapitations occur rapidly — a fast swing of the ax, a quick slice of glass, a fifty-mile-per-hour slam right into a signpost — however they solely get extra horrifying the slower they unfold. To that finish, this beheading stays a favourite.

The undead have breached the gates and Pvt. Torrez is outnumbered. They take him down, and as fingers grasp for buy on his flesh, others puncture his eyeballs — and pull. His pores and skin and neck muscular tissues pop, veins and arteries stretch till they burst and spray valuable blood, and thru all of it, his screams and wails of ache go unheeded. As his physique turns into a feast, his head is carried away. God bless George Romero and Tom Savini. (Rob Hunter)

7. 30 Days of Night (2007)

Days Of Night Decapitations

If at first, you don’t succeed, attempt, attempt once more. After his buddy Billy will get bit by a bloodsucker damning his future right into a monstrous one, Josh Hartnett’s Sheriff Eben is compelled to convey his shiny silver ax upon his neck. 30 Days of Night doesn’t wish to give the fallacious impression. Chopping a bloke’s head off is just not a swift endeavor. Eben has to convey that shiny ax down on Billy a number of instances earlier than his noodle splits from his torso. The whack-chunk sound results are gnarly, and the movie by no means blinks from the bloody endeavor. It’s a imply motion with Eben and the viewers feeling each inch of it. (Brad Gullickson)

6. Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary Decapitations

When Hereditary first hit theaters, trailers depicted it as a movie a couple of creepy child who clicked her tongue and introduced chaos upon her household. So think about viewers shock when mentioned creepy child Charlie (Millie Shapiro) loses her head, fairly actually, early on within the movie. And not in a clean-cut form of manner. She is begrudgingly taken to a highschool celebration by her brother Peter (Alex Wolff), who actually simply desires to smoke weed and impress the lovable lady in his English class. But then Charlie eats a chunk of cake stuffed with nuts. She is deathly allergic to nuts. As Peter is dashing her dwelling whereas she suffers anaphylactic shock, she sticks her head out of the window to try to get contemporary hair. As she claws at her throat, Peter swerves and, nicely, Charlie smashes her head on a light-weight pole.

What ensues is probably probably the most traumatizing 5 minutes in modern horror cinema as Peter refuses to show round and acknowledge the horrors within the backseat of the household automobile. Only the following morning, the place he hears the agonized howling of his mom (Toni Collette), does the true gravity of the scenario sink in. Plus, the digital camera flashes to an extended take of Charlie’s decapitated head sitting on the aspect of the highway, crawling in ants and coated in gore. Hail, Paimon. (Mary Beth McAndrews)

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5. Evil Dead II

Evil Dead Ii

You can swing a cat and hit an immediately iconic particular impact within the Evil Dead motion pictures, however the shovel decapitation in Evil Dead II is a (fairly literal) lower above the remaining. As it seems, when the one that you love girlfriend turns into possessed, generally the one possibility is to present her the Marie Antoinette remedy with gardening instruments. And, naturally, spectacularly nicely constructed pretend heads certain will roll. Even when followers know the way this scene goes down, the supply of the haunting imagery and the movie’s tempo is delightfully creepy. Sam Raimi is a real showman who is aware of methods to ship precisely what viewers need from this scene: an uproarious beheading that’s as spectacular as it’s horrific. (Anna Swanson)

4. Sleepy Hollow (1999)


Oh, do you want decapitations? Uh, duh, you’re studying this wonderful listing. And since you like nothing higher than watching a head pop from somebody’s shoulders, you have to provide Sleepy Hollow your cautious research. Tim Burton relishes the Headless Horseman’s story by dishing not one or two beheadings however a great half dozen plus two. There are fourteen severings all through the movie’s runtime, and whereas it’s tough to assert one as higher than the others, it’s an absolute celebration of this most primal bodily assault. And simply in case fourteen decapitations is just not sufficient for you, Burton peppers Sleepy Hollow with quite a few different cleavings and punctuations, splashing the display screen with a lot thick blood that your eyes will probably be seeing the heartfelt colour even once they’re shut, and your desires will swim with rivers of purple. (Brad Gullickson)

3. The Omen (1976)

The Omen Decapitations

The manner you’ve bought an additional spicy decapitation scene in your fingers is when a director, of their infinite knowledge, reveals mentioned decapitation a number of instances from a number of completely different angles. Such multi-shot delights await in Richard Donner’s The Omen. During a scene that melds satanic majesty with the conniving mechanizations of the Final Destination franchise, photographer Keith Jennings (David Warner), who simply so occurred to be investigating younger Damien on the grounds of being the antichrist, winds up on the fallacious finish of a sheet of glass.

What was Keith imagined to do? Not go to the development website to retrieve the daggers meant to kill a (satanic) baby? How was he to know {that a} supernatural drive would roll a glass-transporting truck down a hill, straight in the direction of his mushy, journalist neck? Maybe don’t get on the fallacious aspect of the antichrist (or a swift-moving pane of glass) subsequent time, Keith. (Meg Shields)

2. Re-Animator (1985)

Re Animator Get A Job In Sideshow

There’s lots that goes into a great decapitation scene. One of a very powerful selections is the instrument used for removing. For Herbert West, the instrument was a shovel. It’s an unconventional selection however a enjoyable one. See, shovels are good for digging and knocking folks out, however utilizing one to take a head off? That requires dedication and onerous work. And don’t you dare suppose it’s going to come back off clear. It’s going to be messy, and the lower will probably be uneven. Think of it as a extra rustic strategy. West is prepared to place within the work. He stomps and stomps, welcoming the blood splatter till he finishes with a lovely, distinctive lower. Well carried out, physician. (Chris Coffel)

1. The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter's The Thing Decapitation

“You gotta be fucking kidding.” Yeah, just a little bit. John Carpenter is clearly delighting on this pornographically absurd decapitation, the climax to what’s already an all-time nice gore impact, the place Norris’ coronary heart assault transforms right into a full-bodily eruption. His chest caves in, devouring the doc’s arms, spewing a secondary head from his chest and onto the ceiling, and his unique noggin stretches off his neck, onto the ground, and sprouts legs. When Palmer clocks the scurrying cabeza, he lets that iconic line-reading rip.

When rating decapitations, no different lobbed melon may declare prime prize. This one isn’t just an impact; it’s a personality with its personal starting, center, and finish. Norris’ head is the second the place The Thing jumps from a creepy paranoid thriller right into a phantasmagoric apocalypse, a crown jewel throughout the horror style, misunderstood and rivaled in its time however correctly revered as a masterpiece in the present day. (Brad Gullickson)

Don’t lose your head now, it’s time for more of our 31 Days of Horror Lists!

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