A big project

Get ready to discover a new world !



Discover the 13 elements

In the universe of Crystalium, there are several elements that can be mastered by the different creatures of this world due to crystals. For the moment, no other creature seems to be able to use other elements than the 13 known ones. Enemies are generally associated with one or more affinities, so they have weaknesses, but also resistances. Your elemental attacks are more or less effective depending on the enemy you are facing, and the same goes for his attacks against you and your characters. A character with several affinities makes a formidable and very versatile fighter, able to adapt to multiple situations depending on the combination of these types. But sometimes depending on the enemy, the location of the fight or the weather, you might be in a bad position, and having to switch characters to regain the advantage might be the wisest thing to do.




Fight as a mutant with your abilities

In Crystalium, you can sell or trade your abilities as NFT with other players. Your mutant skills conferred by the Crystal allow you to face your enemies and survive, but beware, because they too can use the energy of the crystals and use skills against you. Use the environment you're in or the synergy of your abilities to create elemental reactions with devastating effects to quickly take down your opponents. Your weapon style is also important depending on the enemy in front of you, for example when facing a physically very tough enemy, it would be advised to use a blunt weapon to be more effective. An enemy without armor would be or become more vulnerable to slashing attacks as well as bleeding.




Enemies are very numerous in the world of Crystalium and killing them can bring you a lot of money, equipment, resources or abilities. There is no energy system or limited number of monsters in Crystalium, this choice allows you to keep playing as long as you want without creating frustration in order to optimize your gameplay and earn rewards. In cooperative sessions, depending on the loot, it can be personal or collective. Enemies are reinforced according to the number of players present.